An Epiphany Revelation

As you may have already heard, Rev. Cynthia Meyer “came out” as a gay woman to her United Methodist congregation in Edgerton, Kansas this past Sunday. This is not the first time that Jenny and I have heard of her. We have known and appreciated her as a colleague for many years. But our history with her goes back even further. Cynthia also grew up in Council Grove and was one of my babysitters. She was one of the campus ministers at K-State while Jenny was a peer minister there. She was the first person to introduce us to one another (that I remember, Jenny asserts that we had already been introduced).

I can’t say that we were surprised by Sunday’s revelation, and I imagine that many of the members of her congregation were not surprised either. For those of her congregation who were surprised, her sermon was designed to be a gentle, pastoral revelation of who she is and why she was doing what she did. Jenny and I commend it to you.

Jenny and I desire to be the pastors to all the members of First United Methodist Church, those who see this issue the way we see it and those who hold to a more traditional Christian interpretation of the relevant biblical passages. We don’t know what will happen next, but we would echo something that Cynthia said in her sermon:

I’ve come to love you, this congregation, your commitment, care, service and joy. Your faith need not be shaken today, your commitment to one another and this congregation need not waver, for Great is God’s Faithfulness, today and all days.

I’m confident that with God’s help, we, together as a church, can make it through this controversy together.

A link to Rev. Meyer’s Epiphany sermon: