Voice of the Day: Bear Your Cross and It Will Bear You

I don’t remember and can’t find the context in which I originally encountered this quote, but it stands on its own.

“That spark of faith which you have received is of more value than all the world. O cherish it with all your might! Continually stir up the gift of God which is in you, not only by continuing to hear His word at all opportunities, but by reading, by meditation, and above all by private prayer. Though sometimes it should be a grievous cross, yet bear your cross, and it will bear you. … His grace is sufficient for you.” — John Wesley in a letter to Mrs. Woodhouse, May 17, 1766.

“Bear your cross, and it will bear you,” are words we should live by. Faith is not always easy or pleasant, indeed it sometimes a cross to bear, but it is always worthwhile.

Link: bit.ly/1FLSosW