Voice of the Day: Khaled Anatolios

I’ve been reading Retrieving Nicaea: The Development and Meaning of Trinitarian Doctrine by Khaled Anatolios. The book is one of the densest most difficult books that  I have ever read, but it has been worth it. In his section on Athanasius he brings out a key point of that theological giants’ view of salvation:

“the content of Christian salvation involves being enfolded in the inner life of the Trinity: the Word, who by nature is not made but begotten of the Father, is made a creature so that we, who by nature are creatures, can be begotten by grace. Thus we are enabled to call God “Father” rather than merely “our Maker.”

The idea that “salvation involves being enfolded in the inner life of the Trinity” goes far beyond our normal conceptions of salvation. Perhaps we hope for too little, the salvation we seek is too small, and our conception of salvation is completely insufficient.