Caitlyn Jenner as a Child of God

Croce in legno su vecchio muro rossoI don’t have any profound theological insights to share about transgender folk in general or Caitlyn Jenner in particular. I haven’t given the issue very much thought (and when I do I tend to think of it as a subset of church’s larger struggle with the issue of homosexuality). However, I did encounter this article from someone who knew her through their church and wanted to share it with you. It helped me see (from a distance) Caitlyn as a person and a child of God. Furthermore, I fully agree with the article’s conclusion:

“Please know that in any church or community I am involved with, Caitlyn- or any person who is struggling or marginalized…you are welcome and accepted. God loves you, so do I, and so do countless others. Let’s show the world who Jesus is. Let’s be brave.”

Let us be brave.