Voice of the Day: Benedict of Nursia

Blue CrossBenedict of Nursia lived in the fifth and sixth centuries and founded monastic communities in Italy. He wrote a great deal about the Christian virtue of humility. Today’s quote talks about where we must begin:

“The first step of humility is to cherish at all times the sense of awe with which we should turn to God.” — Benedict of Nuria

I think that’s self-evident, but I’m going to elaborate on it anyway. Often, we mistakenly think that humility means thinking very little of ourselves (or at least pretending to think very little of ourselves). A better way of putting it would be to say that humility is having a right regard for ourselves and our place in creation. It doesn’t mean we can’t be pleased with our talents and abilities, just that we should be no more or less pleased with them than if they were someone else’s talents and abilities. Humility is not so much the depreciation of our talents and abilities, as it is turning our focus elsewhere. Focusing less on ourselves and more on God and others. Remembering the sense of awe we should have for God is a good place to start.

Hat Tip: Sojourners