The Spirit Always Sounds Like Jesus

old rugged crossThe Young, Younger, and Youngish Adult class just finished a session on the book of Revelation and I know that another Sunday school class is in the midst of a full-blown study on the book, but I wanted to share this short article with you from Red Letter Christians.

The article is titled “How Could Jesus Fight With a Sword in His Mouth?” It’s a great introductory article about how to take Revelation seriously, but not literally. The article closes by talking about how the Holy Spirit is still at work today guiding our lives and ends with the admonition that “when we get confused about what [the Holy Spirit] sounds like, we need to remember that the Spirit always sounds like Jesus.” These are words we need to hear. If we can’t imagine Jesus doing something we’re about to do, then it’s unlikely that the Spirit is calling us to do it.