Link: "God's Not Dead" Review

As many of you know, my own faith journey was profoundly influenced by two devout Christians who taught philosophy at Fort Hays State University. I learned a great deal from them and I am thankful for their guidance at a time when my own faith was growing and deepening at a speed that was almost frightening. Thus, when I heard that the movie “God’s Not Dead” features an atheist professor of philosophy who attempts to force his unbelief upon all his students it didn’t ring true to my personal experience. But that’s just one of the problems I had with the premise of “God’s Not Dead” and after seeing the official trailer I had even more.

Having said that, I don’t feel comfortable writing about a movie I haven’t seen in its entirety. Therefore, I’m happy to link to this review (Hat Tip: Annie Ricker). I would encourage you to take the warning at the beginning seriously. If you saw the movie and loved it, the best thing you can do is probably to stop reading.