Voice of the Day: Ross Douthat

The way orthodoxy synthesizes the New Testament’s complexities has forced churchgoers of every prejudice and persuasion to confront a side of Jesus that cuts against their own assumptions. A rationalist has to confront the supernatural Christ, and a pure mystic the worldly, eat-drink-and-be-merry Jesus, with his wedding feasts and fish fries. A Reaganite conservative has to confront the Jesus who railed against the rich; a post– sexual revolution liberal, the Jesus who forbade divorce. There is something to please almost everyone in the orthodox approach to the gospels, but something to challenge them as well.

— Ross Douthat, Bad Religion

I think this is key not only for how we approach the gospels (there are more than a few things that I wish Jesus had left unsaid) but how we approach our life together. We are all flawed and fallen, a church that doesn’t challenge us is a church that is not being true to the gospel.