Get Over It

I liked this article over at Slate. Two of the best excerpts:

“Dear Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and Jews,

You’re living in the age of the Internet. Your religion will be mocked, and the mockery will find its way to you. Get over it.”

The author, notes that “this isn’t just a Muslim problem, though that’s been the pattern lately,” before concluding that.

“The hatred and bloodshed will go on until you stop taking the bait. Mockery of your prophet on a computer with an Internet address somewhere in the world can no longer be your master. Nor can the puppet clerics who tell you to respond with violence. Lay down your stones and your anger. Go home and pray. God is too great to be troubled by the insults of fools. Follow Him.”

Those last two sentences are words to live by. As someone in the Aldersgate Experience class pointed out a week or to ago, God is big enough to defend himself, he doesn’t need us to do it.