Is There Such a Thing as a Good CEO?

Shane Claiborne submits the following video from CNN as evidence that there is:

Claiborne also provides a quick summary of the video’s content which includes the following:

He [Haruka Nishimatsu] takes public transportation, shares an office with co-workers, stands in line to eat at the cafeteria.  When things got tough in the recession, Haruka cut all his corporate perks, and cut his own salary — making less than his pilots.  He felt he needed to share their own pain, and struggle to figure out things like how to fix a water heater that breaks.  In his own words, “Relating to what his employees experience” is key to his own survival.  When asked about CEOs that make 400 times their workers, he laughed contagiously, and said, “I can’t imagine… Businesses that pursue money first fail.”  He went on to say this is a very basic ethic that much of the corporate world has forgotten – people come before profits.

The video doesn’t mention whether or not Haruka Nishimatsu is a professing Christian, but it is clear that in many ways he acts like one.