Voice of the Day: Rebecca Trotter

“I am fascinated with the creation stories.  … I may have also mentioned that I have both a very high regard for scripture and I value science as a tool for understanding how God’s other testimony – creation – works. Which right there creates a conflict which many people think they can make go away by picking the side that makes sense to them and hanging out there. But I always figured that if God made the world (which I believe he did) and scripture is true (which I believe it is – in all sorts of surprising ways) and science was saying something different, God had an answer.  …  Two true things cannot contradict one another. If they are in conflict, it doesn’t mean one is right and the other is wrong. It means we don’t understand them well enough yet.”

— Rebecca Trotter

I whole heartily endorse everything I’ve reprinted above and I agree with most of the rest of what she wrote for that post. You can read it in it’s entirety here.

Hat Tip: I was introduced to Rebecca Trotter by Mary Kai and as I read this article I was struck by how similar are the methods by which both women organize their thoughts.