Apple Fanboy Blues

As many of you know, I’ve long been a fan of Apple products. Our household has two Apple laptops and three iPod Touches. During the time that Jenny and I have been appointed as your pastors, the church has switched to Macs. Because Apple makes the products, I prefer, this article really bothers me.

I’m especially sad to hear that the aluminum unibody design that I love in Apple products is the cause of factory explosions and that the products I love are still made in less than humane conditions. These quotes at the end of the article haunt me:

“You can either manufacture in comfortable, worker-friendly factories, or you can reinvent the product every year, and make it better and faster and cheaper, which requires factories that seem harsh by American standards,” said a current Apple executive.

“And right now, customers care more about a new iPhone than working conditions in China.”

As I understand it, the automation involved in modern manufacturing means that improving working conditions would only slightly increase the retail cost of an Apple product, and Apple has one of the largest profit margins in the industry. As Christians we are obligated by our faith to care more about working conditions in China than new models and updated designs every year. (And seriously, I can’t keep up with all the improvements that are introduced with every new generation of Apple products anyway.)

I’m looking for a way to put my faith into practice. Suggestions?

Disclaimer: posted from a MacBook.