Lady Gaga and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Because I’m not very good at keeping up with pop culture, I’m behind the curve on Lady Gaga. However, one of the things that struck me as I began to see more and more of her was (beyond the normal envelope pushing that seems to come with popular fame) the fact that she purposely targets (addresses herself to) misfits. When we read the gospels we find that Jesus targeted and welcomed misfits as well. I had been musing over this connection and then found that someone else had been thinking about it as well. In fact in a recent article in The Christian Century, Rodney Clapp summarizes the gospel message as “we’re all misfits, but God loves us anyway.” Clap then continues by noting that the church has often chosen to take the opposite approach. That’s unfortunate and untrue to both Christ and our real selves. It’s a shame when pop culture is more open to misfits then the body of Christ.

P.S. Many of the comments on Clapp’s article voice concerns about Lady Gaga that I also share (and I imagine that Clapp does as well). I’m simply trying to highlight the problem that when the church fails to be the body of Christ for the world, others will step into the void.