Rapture Victims

Admittedly, they are victims of a disaster they brought upon themselves, but I still can’t help but feel sorry for the people who made complete changes to their lives based on what they thought would happen last Saturday. A link to  The New Republic brought me to someone who had taken the time to articulate that view. This is a good summary of how I’m feeling about those folks:

Do the end-timers seem ignorant? Yes. Are they insane? Possibly. But should our reaction to them be chuckling glee or something more like sadness? Pay attention to their individual stories—their willingness to sacrifice everything in anticipation that their earthly lives are over—and I dare you not to feel the latter.

The article is titled “Too Much Judgment: the Media’s Shameful, Cruel Obsession with Those Awaiting the Rapture.” by Tiffany Stanley. I would also add that I hope these folks don’t loose their faith in God, only their naiveté.

Wondering what the rapture is? Or wondering why the concept is rejected by most Christians? See my previous post and the link to N. T. Wright’s explanation.