How To Get In Trouble Without Really Trying

wall-crossDan Dick, over at United Methodeviations has a great post up about encounters with three people who vehemently disagreed with him. There are times when I also disagree with Dan, but I really liked his response to the woman who came up to him and accused him of believing in evolution:

I[t] depends on what you mean by “believe in.”  If you think I place my faith and understanding of the universe upon the principle of evolution through natural selection, that would be wrong.  If you mean that I believe there is scientific evidence that supports evolution and that I do not find it incompatible with my Christian faith, then yes.

As you might well imagine, this did not satisfy her. It did however, satisfy me. Previously, my favorite way of addressing the issue of whether or not I believed in evolution has been the phrase: “I accept the evidence for evolution.” It’s not something I believe in, or stake my life upon, like I believe in God and try to live for Christ, but I don’t argue with the evidence, and I don’t think it threatens my faith. If evolution happened (and mountains of scientific evidence point to it happening), then evolution is simply the means by which God created the world. I’ll probably have to stick with my previous phrasing over Dan’s. I like his better, but I’m not sure I could repeat it without notes.

The whole post is very much worth the read. I’m sure I could find something to quibble over, but I’m not going to do that, not after the day he had.