Why this blog Moved

I promised a better explanation of why this blog moved a while back. We moved it from coffeyvillefirstumc.blogspot.com to revcollins.blogspot.com and renamed it from “Blog” to “From Behind the Pulpit” (still looking for a better name). The subtitle of the blog went from “Coffeyville First United Methodist Church” to “Thoughts from a United Methodist Clergy Couple in Southeast Kansas.” None of this indicates a change in what this blog covers or who contributes that that’s really the point. Initially we intended for many people to contribute to the blog, but we haven’t been able to make that happen and the blog became, as it now says, “the Professional Blog of the Revs. John and Jennifer Collins.” The changes in location and title really just indicate the recognition of that reality. Different pastors have different interests and skills and we realized that we did not want to set a precedent that might be difficult for a later pastor to follow. (Don’t read anything into that I’m simply planning well into the future here and both Jenny and I and the SPRC have indicated to the cabinet that we believe this appointment is a match.)