A Covenant with all Creation

“The central point in the story of Noah and the ark … is the covenant established by God with ‘living things of every kind.’ Here is where God’s covenant promises first begin. And God’s covenant is established not just with people; it is a covenant with all creation.”

&#151Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, via Sojourners

If you’ve wondered why we started a recycling program at First; if you’ve wondered why the trustees are so excited about a more efficient heating and air-conditioning system; if you’ve wondered why we’re replacing light bulbs with more efficient fluorescent bulbs; the quote above is part of the answer. (Another answer is that the heating and air-conditioning system and the fluorescent light bulbs will save quite a bit of money. We’re trying, as a church, to be good stewards.) Going back even before Noah and the ark; God created all that is, called it good, and set us to the task of caring for it.