Net Neutrality

If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you’ll find a link to I’ve hesitated posting this for a long time. Because the issue of whether or not to preserve net neutrality is one that will soon be decided by congress, it is somewhat a political issue. I want to avoid any political divisions within the church. However, how fast you can view this site (indeed, whether or not you can view it at all), will be affected by whether or not net neutrality is upheld, because net neutrality is what insures that all sites receive the same treatment from internet service providers. Without net neutrality, internet service providers (like AT&T and Cox Cable) would be free to charge both you (for the internet access that allows you to read this site), and the church (for transmitting this site to you). When I saw that has both the Christian Coalition and ACLU (as well as countless others) as charter members, I began to think that this might be an issue we can all get behind.

Posted by John