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Meeting Notes: Finance Committee

Meeting NotesThe Finance Committee met Tuesday, November 4, 2014. Overall the financial condition of the church is about where it usually is this time of year: fair to middling.

A preliminary budget for 2015 was approved. This was done with the understanding that changes will have to be made as information from the upcoming 2015 stewardship campaign (Consecration Sunday will be November 23) and the 2014 end-of-year finance report become available.

Members also signed a resolution to set up a special account at Pinnacle Bank for receiving online donations. This will be done through a company endorsed by the United Methodist General Committee on Finance and Administration.


Meeting Notes: Charge Conference

Meeting NotesWe had a great charge conference Sunday night (November 2, 2014). Rev. Dee Williamston, our new District Superintendent, presided. As required by The Book of Discipline, members present set clergy compensation and approved a new slate of church officers and committee members. The conference received the fund balance and other reports. Jenny and I shared our goals for the present appointment year. Those gathered sang hymns, heard a meditation from Dee and prayed for the future of the church. Jenny and I want thank everyone who attended, it’s not glamorous or exciting, but it is necessary.

Meeting Notes: Charge Conference

Annie Ricker was approved as a candidate for Ordained Ministry at last night’s special Charge Conference. This coming Sunday will be her last with us before moving to Hays to be the associate pastor at Hays First United Methodist Church. The charge conference then approved moving Jenny from 1/4 time to 1/2 time so that she could take on Annie’s current responsibilities as Director of Care Giving Ministries.

Clarification: Jenny will not become the Director of Care Giving Ministries, her title will remain pastor.

Meeting Notes: Church Council

The Church Council met last Tuesday night, May 28, 2013. Financial reports for January through March were available and it was noted that the balance of the general fund has been increasing. There was some discussion about using money left over from the Stephen Ministry to pay travel expenses for lay people who visit shut-ins and those living in care homes.

A summary of the office hours of various churches in Coffeyville was presented, we have fewer office hours than some and more than others. Becky Dobbins, chair of the PPR Committee, updated the Council on the pastoral transition to Nicole Schwartz.

Jared Dobbins, chair of the Board of Trustees reported on the landscaping plans for the east side of the church, the gate that will be installed in the east basement entryway and the plans to replace all the flooring int he parsonage.

There was a brief discussion on the damage the recent hail storms did (and did not do) to the parsonage and the church building. The final item was the approval of the continuation of the current accountable reimbursement policy for Pastor Nicole Schwartz.

Meeting Notes: Vision Team


The Vision Team met today at 5:15 pm. We were happy to have Pastor Nicole Schwartz with us. The comfort crosses have been so well received by those who are sick and shut-in it was decided to order more. The team discussed the need for a new photo directory and decided to go with an online service which can also be used to produce printed copies for members who prefer a printed copy. I also raised the possibility of creating the office of “Visitor of the Sick.”

Meeting Notes: Board of Trustees

Meeting-NotesThe Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, April 3, 2013. A wrought iron style gate for the basement landing on the east side of the church and replacement metal plates for the east sidewalk were approved. The procurement of a bid for new shrubbery on the east side of the church was discussed. (Both the gate and the new shrubbery are intended to deter uninvited overnight guests from camping out on the church premises.) Concerning the parsonage, the replacement of all the floor coverings with a combination of carpet and tile were approved, and estimates will be sought for a new stove/oven.

Meeting Notes: Church Council

Meeting-Notes-SmallThe Church Council met a week ago Monday (April 1, 2013). The meeting was a brief one. The 2013 budget was formally adopted and reflects the change in pastoral compensation. The only other large change was an increase in the Maintenance-Facilities area of the budget to reflect actual spending in 2012. The Council also approved a recommendation for the Pastor-Parish Relations Committee for a 5% raise for non-pastoral staff.

Meeting Notes: PPR Committee

The Pastor Parish Relations Committee met on Monday, January 7, 2012 at 6 pm. They approved four weeks of maternity leave for Nikki Kirk (to commence with the birth) with Faye Millen substituting if possible (which it is, thanks Faye).

The committee discussed replacing Dora Morris who is leaving January 25 and Norma Morgan who is taking two weeks off to catch up with work at her other employers. It was decided to hire Heather Scott on a temporary basis for both the administrative assistant and custodial positions. Applications for the position of administrative assistant will be accepted through January 25.

The reading of the prayer list at the beginning of the weekly Sunday services was discussed and feedback was favorable. The next meeting was scheduled for January 28 at 6 pm.

Meeting Notes: Board of Trustees

The board of trustees met on Wednesday, October 3, 2012, for their regular monthly meeting. Two bids for the repair of the sanctuary lighting system were considered. The lower bid, from Mike More Electric, was accepted.

Repairs to the plexiglass cover over the large ocular stained glass window in the sanctuary were discussed. Repairs have already been made to insure that the stained glass is fully protected and thus it was agreed that the matter was not urgent and it was tabled for a later meeting.

A congregational workday was discussed that would include replacing the yellowing ceiling tiles in the Fellowship Hall. The purchase of the tiles was approved, the date of the workday has yet been decided. Those who are interested in volunteering should speak to John or Jenny Collins.

Dave Larimore reported that the benches in the west lot have been set in concrete.

Meeting Notes: Vision Team

The Vision Team met tonight. The first item for discussion was a request Jenny received from one of our clergy colleagues who is working on his D.Min. He is studying the role of silence in the Christian life. He requested that we incorporate periods of silence into meetings and worship and let him know how it was received. The committee was agreed that this would be difficult to accomplish during the Sunday morning services, but then another possibility arose. It’s long been my experience that people not only appreciate my prayers with them during a visit but that they also appreciate the promise of being put on the church’s prayer list. The problem is that, aside from the Monday Morning Prayer Breakfast, we don’t have a time set aside for corporate prayer for those on the list. For this reason, as well as others, I’ve long felt the need for a midweek prayer service. So it was decided to start a Wednesday Evening Prayer Service. The chapel will be open from 5:30 to 7:30pm every Wednesday evening during October and everyone is welcome to come and go as they please, but there will be a brief, somewhat organized service from approximately 6:15 to 6:30pm. In that fifteen minutes, we will have a call to worship, a scripture reading, a time for sharing joys and concerns, a reading of the prayer list, and a time of silent prayer followed by the Lord’s Prayer. As a bonus, this service should prove much more conducive to the three minutes of silence that our colleague has requested that we experiment with than the Sunday morning service. This service will very much be a work in progress and changes may be made from week to week. If all goes well, it will be continued after October.

The second item of business was the approval of a new design for T-shirts about which there will be a separate post. Turning to the third item of business, the team affirmed that we will again be having Trunk-or-Treat this year. Please let Jenny or me know if you’re willing to volunteer and lend a hand. We also learned that Lannings is again willing to cater the Great Thanksgiving Dinner and that information will be relayed to the Finance Committee.


Trustees Meeting Notes

The Board of Trustees met tonight. It was reported that Mid-Continental Restoration is expected to wrap-up their work of restoration and weatherproofing this week. The board heard that solutions are still being sought for the sanctuary lights (the outward appearance of the lights will not change, only the system that transfers power to them). A bid from Green Acres Landscaping was approved for the replacement of shrubs in around the main entrance. Two church-wide workdays were also discussed.