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Worship Tomorrow

We’ve got a lot planned for worship tomorrow. Rev. Dr. Jan Todd will be preaching (but I’ll be there). We’ll be blessing Susie Shaw and Sandy Proctor for their Mission Trip to Panama. The Kids Choir and the Adult Choir will both have an anthem and we’ll be celebrating Holy Communion. Hope to see you there.

Bell Choir Special: “Ascensius”

From the bell choir:

In recognition of Black History Month, the bell choir is playing an arrangement of the spiritual He Arose. The tune’s name is “Ascensius” a version of “ascensus,” meaning to climb or rise. The lyrics to this spiritual include the first verse “They crucified my Savior and nailed Him to the cross… And the Lord will bear my spirit home.” And the refrain “He arose, he arose, he arose from the dead! … And the Lord will bear my spirit home.

Switching from a Livestream to a Recording

What: we’re switching from livestreaming Sunday morning worship to posting a recording of the service Sunday afternoon.

Why: it’s happening: the experts have been brought in, and our network connection is currently intermittent. This difficulty is probably because of a problem with the main router, a switch, or an ethernet cable.

When: This change will not be permanent. We fully intend to return to livestreaming later next month. The problem is fixable and temporary. But it won’t be until sometime in February that it can be addressed. 

Church T-Shirts This Weekend

I’ll plan to preach on Micah 6:1-8 this Sunday (January 29, 2023). In verse 8, Micah tells us that God desires that we do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God. On our church t-shirts, this is phrased as “seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly,” but the meaning is the same.