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Christmas Cantata This Sunday

This Sunday (December 11, 2022), the Choir will be performing selections from What Sweeter Music by John Leavitt. They will be joined by the following instrumentalists.

Flute: Jessica Minnich, Laura Bogner
Clarinet: Mark Ahlman
Bassoon: Hannah Sullivan
Violin: Steve Easterday, Alyssa Byers
Viola: Russel Clark
Cello: Nicholas Dvorske
Bass: Brayden Smith
Piano: Dawn Anderson
Percussion: Cole Parsons
Oboe: Colby Stevens

A Different Understanding of Salvation

Tomorrow morning (Sunday, October 9, 2022), I’ll be preaching on Luke 17:11-19. The sermon title is “Gospel Medicine.” We’ll be looking at how the phrase “your faith has made you well” has been misused over the centuries and how salvation can be understood as the healing of our sin-sick souls. The adult choir will be singing “Deep, Deep, Love.” Brad Shaw will be the worship leader. Worship starts at 10:30.