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A Clarification

I want to make it clear that I did not call mathematicians atheists in this morning’s sermon. I was referencing John Wesley’s Sermon “On the use of Money,” where he talks about how some occupations may be hurtful to some people but not to others. Here’s the quote:

“So I am convinced, from many experiments, I could not study, to any degree of perfection, either mathematics, arithmetic, or algebra, without being a Deist, if not an Atheist: And yet others may study them all their lives without sustaining any inconvenience. None therefore can here determine for another; but every man must judge for himself, and abstain from whatever he in particular finds to be hurtful to his soul.” — John Wesley

This Coming Sunday

This Sunday is Back to School Sunday, with special guest, Mitch Todd, joining us from Campus Ministry at K-State. During the service, we will have the annual “Blessing of the Backpacks.” Students are encouraged to bring their backpacks to be blessed for the upcoming school year.

Our Education Committee, as well as our Family and Friendship Commission will also be hosting a Back to School Carnival and Ice Cream Social, starting at 4:00 p.m., preceding the Church Council meeting at 5:30 p.m.

It promises to be a great morning and a great afternoon. Hope to see you soon!

We’re Still Red

I was asked why we’re still using red paraments (the cloths that hang down from the altar, pulpit, and lectern) in the Season after Pentecost (sometimes known as Kingdomtide) when the liturgical calendar says we’re supposed to use green. I can assure you there is a method to the madness.

It’s important to note that, as far as I know, there was never a decree handed down from on high or a decision made by an ecumenical council on what liturgical colors should be used when. Instead, the schedule of liturgical colors developed organically over centuries—and that means it’s got some flexibility.

This brings us back to red instead of green paraments. This year there are 24 Sundays after Pentecost. If we strictly followed the liturgical calendar, that would be a lot of green. So we’re following what I understand to be an older tradition of continuing to use red during the first part of the Season after Pentecost. We’ll be switching to green soon.

A Quick Post to Wrap Up a Loose End

I want to make a quick post to wrap up a loose end. I got to talk to Rick Saylor at the Great Plains Annual Conference meeting. He had a great time worshiping with you on June 5, 2022. I got a lot of feedback about how you all enjoyed having him back. And I’m so happy that he was willing to fill in for me. The bad news I need to deliver is this: Rick had a great time, but he told me that June 5 was his last time to do that. He’s going out on a high note, and I admire his judgment.