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Worship — Sunday, January 22, 2023

Here’s the YouTube link:

IWe again had problems with the livestream again today. We’ll make some more adjustments and try again next Sunday. One of the problems with figuring out what’s wrong is that everything works just fine in the middle of the week and then goes south on Sunday morning.

Looking for a previous service? Here’s the College Avenue United Methodist Church YouTube page:

The Water

The next Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study on the book Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again will be today, Wednesday, January 11, 2023, at 7 p.m. We’ll be discussing pages 141-164, “The Water” and “Gospel Stories.”

2022 Christmas Offering Results

The College Avenue UMC Christmas Offering this year (2022) went to the Flint Hills Breadbasket, a non-profit food pantry. Together, we raised $1052.04 to help further their cause. Please see their mission statement below.

Flint Hills Breadbasket – Our dream is that there is no one in need among us. Our mission is to provide reliable access to healthy food, build connections with community partners, and empower neighbors to meet their basic needs.

You can learn more about them at:

The Meaning of Salvation

While reading for the sermon I found this quote from Justo Gonzalez about what it means to proclaim that Jesus is savior:

“The meaning of the word “salvation,” both in the New Testament and in the common usage of the time, is much fuller than we often imagine. Salvation means healing, liberation, freedom from the bondage of sin, promise of eternal life, and several nuances of each of these themes. Thus to say that Jesus is “Savior” means that he frees the people from all evil, including sin, eternal death, disease, oppression, and exploitation. If we do not see all of this as yet, it is because the work of Jesus has not been completed —the reign of God has not yet come to its full fruition.” [1]

[1] Justo L. González, Luke, Belief: A Theological Commentary on the Bible (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2010), 36.

Friday Office Hours

The College Avenue offices will be closed tomorrow morning (Friday, December 23, 2022), but we will be open from 1:00 until 4:00 in the afternoon. Please plan accordingly.

  • Our Christmas Eve Service will be on Saturday, December 24, at 7:30 p.m.
  • Our Christmas Day Service will be on Sunday, December 25, at 10:30 a.m. There will be no Sunday School.

Please remember that there will be no childcare for either service, but the service will be available via Closed Circuit TV in the comfort room just north of the Sanctuary.