The Bible as a Model for U.S. History

This past Sunday (July 4, 2021), I talked about the fact that we as a country are blessed by the fact that we can (and do) admit our mistakes, repent, and seek to do better. That involves being truthful about our history and not omitting our mistakes as a nation. Here’s an article by Mark George asserting that to do so is to follow the example found in the Bible.

“As a Bible scholar, I am struck by the ways the Bible tells both the good and bad of ancient Israel’s history – even when the narratives conflict. Instead of only celebrating moments of glory or tragedy, the Bible recounts both together. This approach to history – treating narratives as one rather than cherry-picking the bits that fit a certain point of view – offers an example of how we can reframe the debate about how the U.S. tells its own history.” — Mark K. George

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