Vaccinations and Worship

Yesterday (March 9, 2021), I received a dose of the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine at Auburn Pharmacy. (I got in before the rest of my age group because of my role as a pastor.) I know that some of you have now gotten vaccinated as well, and that some of you are planning on coming back to in-person worship now that you feel safer. That makes me very excited! I’m looking forward to seeing you. However, that doesn’t change our policy of requiring everyone to wear masks in the church building. The CDC continues to recommend mask-wearing in public for those who have had the vaccine. Our current policy was set without an end date by the Church Council, and the Church Council has left it in place at present. Those two reasons are enough for me, but I’ll also be wearing my mask because I feel very privileged to have received the vaccine already, and I want to show my solidarity with those who have not yet had the opportunity.