Just Doing the Job He Was Hired to Do

I did not sleep well last night and instead spent a lot of time thinking about Dr. Brian Holmes and how poorly he’s been treated for his attempts to do the job he was hired to do during this difficult time. I’m sure there are times when he, more than anyone else, wishes he wasn’t the Dickinson County Health Officer. (That may be projection, there are times when, more than anyone else, I wish I wasn’t the one who had to make difficult decisions for the church.)

I woke up exhausted this morning and wrote a cranky, somewhat belligerent post in his defense. I’ve scrapped that post. Instead, I’m going to let actions speak louder than words and simply point out that whenever it has been up to me, I have tried and will continue to try to follow his advice on matters of public health regardless of whether or not that advice is enforceable by law. The preacher in me would encourage you to do the same.