Reservations for Worship (June 28, 2020)

The Church Council approved opening the church building to in-person worship. In order to better love one another we’re continuing to practice social distancing, wear masks, and take reservations.

You can request reservations for next Sunday, June 28, 2020, here:

The service will continue to be available online—indeed we intend to continue to make improvements.

The policy the Church Council adopted is as follows:

  • Reservations will be needed and by this method names and addresses will be obtained for contact tracing. Reservations will be received on a first come, first serve basis. A few spaces in the Sanctuary and Wright Fellowship Hall will be kept open for those unaware of the need for reservations who show up. Their contact information will be obtained when they arrive. 
  • Whichever service (8:15 or 10:30) has more reservations will be held in the Sanctuary, the other in Fellowship Hall.
  • Those who feel ill are asked to stay at home. Temperatures taken when congregants arrive. No one with a temperature that persists at 100.1 or above is allowed remain.
  • With the exception of those under the age of two, everyone in attendance will wear masks. Those speaking or leading worship will temporarily remove theirs for the sake of the deaf and hard of hearing. The song leader will wear a mask while singing. Others should sing along silently or under their breath.
  • Participants will leave at least 18 feet between the pulpit and lectern and the first row of the congregation. The same principle shall apply in Wright Fellowship Hall.
  • Participants will leave at least 12 feet (at an angle) between the pulpit and lectern and the piano playeron the sanctuary floor. The angle should prevent the liturgist and preacher from facing the the piano player. The same principle shall apply in Wright Fellowship Hall.
  • All participants are to maintain a social distancing of six feet from one another, with the exception of those living in the same household.
  • For safety’s sake, no nursery will be provided.
  • The same principles will apply for funerals, weddings, and any other event held in the church.