COVID-19 Worship Update

At present, Jenny and I intend to hold both regular Sunday morning services open to the congregation and the public this coming Sunday (March 15, 2020). HOWEVER, in line with the guidance of the Great Plains Annual Conference, we urge those who are vulnerable to the COVID-19 Coronavirus to stay home. We also encourage you to stay home if you are sick. If you are not part of a vulnerable population nor sick, we still urge you to base your attendance on what you feel is best for you and your family. We know that those who stay home will be doing so out of an abundance of caution and not out of a shortage of piety.

The 10:30 worship service will be broadcast on KABI 1050 AM and live-streamed on Facebook. In our experience, the sound quality will be better if you can livestream the service. Those who plan to attend in person should know that we will skip the time of “Greeting One Another” and an offering plate will be placed at the door following the services rather than offering plates being passed among the gathered congregation during the services.

Thank you for your patience and discretion. God has given us one another that we might look after each other. Please take all reasonable precautions for the sake of your own health and for the sake of those siblings in Christ who are especially vulnerable to communicable diseases like COVID-19 Coronavirus and influenza.

You can watch the live stream on Facebook without joining Facebook at this link: