Change in Worship Plans (Please Read)

In compliance with the recommendation of the Dickinson County Health Officer (Dr. Brian Holmes), we are CANCELLING in-person worship until at least the first Sunday in April.* We plan to be online (at and on the radio with KABI 1560 AM. Jenny and I will be doing this from our home (your parsonage). We encourage you to gather your family together to watch and listen and worship as a family.

We know that this course of action may be frustrating for some of you. It’s frustrating for us as well. Please know that we are doing this not only because it is good public policy, but also because we love all of you and we don’t want to lose any of you.  That said, we know that isolation is difficult and stressful. Please pray for one another and stay in touch with one another (and especially with those who are alone) via phone calls, emails, and social media. We’ll be reaching out to local care homes to see how we can be supportive of members there without endangering their health.

In an attempt to lead by example, Jenny and I will be making a special effort to offer daily devotions, theological thoughts, and scriptural reflections from this blog and email list beginning tomorrow.

*If Dr. Holmes’ recommendation changes, our plans will change as well.