In Case the Covid-19 Coronavirus Gets Ugly

I’m writing this because I fear there will be an ugly development in any possible Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic. That  ugliness will be a fear that abandons rather than helps the afflicted. We’re already seeing this as cities go to court to block victims from being quarantined within their boundaries. I fear that this type of unchristian response will become even more contagious than the disease.

One of the things the ancient Christians were known for was their care of the sick. Indeed, Christians have done this throughout the ages, whenever and wherever we have been at our best. At our best, we have overcome our fear of sickness and death through our faith in the one who went through death and came out triumphant on the other side. The outbreak of Covid-19 is a chance for us to be at our best. That doesn’t mean we won’t take recommended precautions when visiting and caring for the sick, it will mean that we treat everyone who is afflicted as if they were a beloved member of our biological family. It means we will not fear monger—and that means we double-check that anything we share on facebook or other social networks comes from a reliable source. [1] It means we won’t stereotype and single out a particular group of people for having the disease. It means we won’t engage in NIMBYism [2] as some municipalities already have. 

I would ask you to remember that, like the seasonal flu, not everyone who contracts Covid-19 dies. Also, I would remind you, that unless Jesus comes back sooner rather than later, we’re all going to die of something. (I’m hoping I’ll die of pneumonia, “the old man’s friend.”) I urge you to take heart in the knowledge that our Lord and Savior conquered death and we need not fear it. I urge you to hold fast to the faith. I urge you not to shun the afflicted. I urge you to visit and care for the sick if and when that is called for. In short I urge you to follow the example of Jesus Christ and to demonstrate your love for God by displaying your love for your neighbor in real and concrete ways. I urge you to hold me to the same standard.


[1] Dr. Brian Holmes recommends using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Website:

[2] NIMBY means Not-in-my-back-yard.