Blame That on the Holy Spirit

In last Sunday’s Stewardship Moment, I referenced expensive golf clubs (I also referred the expense of one of my own hobbies). I was sorry to hear that someone felt that I was looking directly at them. If I was, I don’t remember doing so and didn’t intend to do so. I bring this up to make a more significant point. If there’s something that I think needs to be said to you individually, I’ll say it to you personally. As far as I can remember, I’ve never singled out an individual for criticism from the pulpit, and I believe that doing so would be an abuse of power. That said, it may sometimes be the case that something I say hits home for you. If so, I would encourage you to follow Christian tradition and blame that on attribute that to the Holy Spirit. In my life, the Spirit does that kind of thing on an annoyingly regular basis.