UMs Oppose Separation of Immigrant Families

Jeff Sessions is United Methodist, but that’s not stopping the council of bishops, annual conferences and agencies of the general church from urging him to stop the practice of separating immigrant children (apparently including very young children still nursing) from their families. I’ve been avoiding public comment on this topic, but I can do so no longer. This is wrong, may God be with the parents and their children who have been forcibly separated to give them comfort and consolation and a future with hope, may God be at work in our country that this injustice might be brought to an end.


Note: If you’re extremely upset or extremely pleased that Jeff Sessions is United Methodist, please remember that Elizabeth Warren is as well. It’s like the fact that both George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton are United Methodist. We are a broad denomination. I’m not trying to take one side or another, I’m not trying to side with Democrats or Republicans, I’m trying to side with God and those God sides with.