God is Easy to Please, but Hard to Satisfy

Writing of Jesus’s determination to make as perfect as the Father is perfect, C. S. Lewis writes:

And yet— this is the other and equally important side of it—this Helper [the Holy Spirit] who will, in the long run, be satisfied with nothing less than absolute perfection, will also be delighted with the first feeble, stumbling effort you make tomorrow to do the simplest duty. As a great Christian writer (George MacDonald) pointed out, every father is pleased at the baby’s first attempt to walk: no father would be satisfied with anything less than a firm, free, manly walk in a grown-up son. In the same way, he said, ‘God is easy to please, but hard to satisfy.’ — C. S. Lewis

Resolve to let God help you take a step toward perfection today.

C. S. Lewis, “Counting the Cost,” in Mere Christianity (1952).