Connectional Table Proposes Changes

crossThe United Methodist Reporter (an independent publication) has a good article on a recent development in the church’s ongoing debate about homosexuality. The Connectional Table, the “visioning” body of the general church, has proposed changes that The Reporter summarizes as follows:

“The proposal would allow United Methodist clergy to perform ceremonies that celebrate same-sex unions in United Methodist churches if they wish; clergy who do not wish to perform such ceremonies would not be required to do so. The proposal also removes being a practicing homosexual or performing same-sex wedding ceremonies from the list of chargeable offenses for clergy. In addition, the proposal removes the language that says the church does not condone the practice of homosexuality and considers it incompatible with Christian teachings, while recognizing this has historically been the position of the church.”

I don’t know what will come of this, and I don’t think anyone else does either. We’ll have to wait to General Conference 2016 to see what happens.