Voice of the Day: N. T. Wright

Blue CrossIn Scripture and the Authority of God: How to Read the Bible Today, N. T. Wright makes a point and then follows it up with a probing question:

“There is a great gulf fixed between those who want to prove the historicity of everything reported in the Bible in order to demonstrate that the Bible is “true” after all and those who, committed to living under the authority of scripture, remain open to what scripture itself actually teaches and emphasizes. Which is the bottom line: “proving the Bible to be true” (often with the effect of saying, “So we can go on thinking what we’ve always thought”), or taking it so seriously that we allow it to tell us things we’d never heard before and didn’t particularly want to hear?” — N. T. Wright

The extent to which we take the Bible seriously is measured by the extent to which we are willing to hear an unwelcome word from God and alter our lives accordingly. All to often we proclaim a “high view of scripture” with our lips but not with our lives. The real nature of the authority and truth of the Bible are revealed in the changed lives of believers.