Confirmation Expectations

Praying handsJenny, Wendy, and I want to set out our expectations for confirmation to help avoid conflict. These expectations are grounded in the belief that confirmation is an important process through which young people take upon themselves the vows of membership. Those who decide they want to join the church will vow to support the church with their prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. Therefore, it seems only reasonable that there would be some expectations of those who wish to be confirmed.

Our hope is that confirmands would able to attend all classes and special events. A confirmation class becomes a close knit group through this process. We recognize that some absences may be unavoidable, however to be confirmed with their classmates confirmands must, at a minimum, attend four out of six Sunday night classes and the retreats at both the beginning and end of the process.* Furthermore, the youth must make up any and all missed classes by covering the material with a pastor or pastors.

A youth who misses more than the allowed numbered of Sunday evening classes or either of the retreats at the beginning and end of the confirmation process will not be confirmed with the class. This does not mean that they cannot become members of the church, it only means that they must join through the same process as an adult seeking membership.

*Those youth who attend the “One Event” on January 3-4, 2014 will be allowed to miss one additional class.