Advent Sermon Series: The Road to Christmas

cross of christ built into a brick wallJenny and I are going to try something new this year: an Advent sermon series on the passages of Luke leading up to the birth of Jesus. In these passages, Luke lays the groundwork for understanding the significance of Jesus. We plan to split the passages up as follows:

  • First Sunday of Advent: Luke 1.5-25*
    (The birth of John the Baptist foretold.)
  • Second Sunday of Advent: Luke 1.26-38
    (The birth of Jesus foretold.)
  • Third Sunday of Advent: Luke 1.39-56
    (Mary visits Elizabeth.)
  • Fourth Sunday of Advent: Luke 1.57-80
    (The birth of John the baptist.)

We hope you’ll be able to join us for the entire series.

*The first four verses are not part of the story, but rather serve as an introduction to the Gospel of Luke, itself.