New Church Directory — Take 2

cameraApparently, the previous post on a new church photo directory left people confused. Here’s a second attempt:

It’s well past the time for a new church directory. This year we will be taking a non-traditional approach. The way directories have traditionally been done leaves the church with a directory that can not be updated, that is owned by a for-profit business, and of which further copies cannot be made. Our plan this year is to use the church’s management software to create our own directory that can be easily updated and copied. Using this software, we will be able to make both electronic and hard copies will be available.

We already have the information for the directory, we simply need the photographs. We’re currently arranging for someone to take pictures before and after Sunday morning services. In addition, if you have an existing photo that you would rather use and you own the rights to it (or if you can get permission from the professional photographer who took it) we can use that.

Please give or email your photos to Mary Reimler, Administrative Assistant, or contact her at 785-263-2623 or if you have questions. If you don’t want your photo or your address, phone number, or email in the church directory, Mary is the one to contact.