Gray Thursday is Not a Good Thing

As if “Black Friday” wasn’t bad enough, we now have “Gray Thursday” as some stores begin opening up with special sales on Thanksgiving Day. I worked at a grocery store in college that stayed open for Thanksgiving. I always managed to get the day off, but not everyone was so lucky. One of my friends was working on a Thanksgiving Day when a shopper told him: “It’s too bad you have to work on Thanksgiving.” He said “thank you,” but he was thinking, “If you wouldn’t come in then I wouldn’t have to work.” I urge you not to hit the stores on Thanksgiving Day. If you’re shopping, then someone else is working and not able to be with their family. Thanksgiving began as a day to give thanks to God for what God had provided, not as a day to acquire more stuff. I encourage you to treat this Thursday as the holy day it originally was and give thanks.