Thanks Be to the Holy Spirit

Elizabeth had a temperature of 103 this morning, and then things got worse. We decided that Jenny should stay home with Elizabeth, and I would cover the services this morning. One problem … Jenny was the one who had been working on a sermon all week. So I started sermon prep at 6:43 this morning. I regularly pray for the Holy Spirit’s presence in our worship service, but this morning I prayed with increased fervor.

From the compliments I received after both services, I know that the Spirit showed up in one of three possible ways. The first possibility that I was literally inspired. The second is that the Spirit got between my lips and your (the congregation’s) ears and worked wonders. The third is that the Spirit prompted you to be incredibly gracious and say nice things after a lackluster sermon. I’m not sure which way the Spirit was active this morning, but I’m certainly thankful.

Needless to say, if you weren’t impressed with this morning’s sermon, that’s on me. I hope you were able to know God’s peace and presence in another aspect of the worship service.