Voice of the Day: A Fire That Frees Up Life

Today’s voice is in line with a sermon I preached recently:

Much of our theology has been so concentrated on heaven that it invalidates any concern for the earth. Some images in Scripture have even been misconstrued to perpetuate a disregard for the creation, such as the image that in the last days the world will be consumed by fire. But nearly every other time the “consumed by fire” image is evoked in Scripture, it is a fire that purifies rather than burns up, a fire that frees up life rather than destroys it. No doubt, the way we live is shaped by how we imagine the end of the world — whether we think God’s final plan is for everything to go up in flames or for everything to be brought back to life.

Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals (Kindle Locations 6286-6291).

I have been struggling with the “consumed by fire” and how to reconcile that with the idea of a heaven and earth transformed (which is another biblical image). Thanks to Common Prayer I have the answer.