City Commission Prayer

I prayed this evening at the Coffeyville City Commission meeting. I got a little bit out of rhythm but here’s the prepared text:

Holy God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,

As we pause to ask your blessing upon this gathering, I want to begin by thanking you for the opportunity to serve and live in this community for the last eight years. Coffeyville faces many challenges and difficulties, but you have blessed this city with good people and I pray that they might continue to be a blessing to one another.

Remind us, O Lord, for living in this great country we are inclined to forget, remind us, that no one can serve two masters and that you are a jealous God who has the right to our complete and undivided allegiance. Let those with ears hear, O Lord: all of our other attachments and loyalties must be situated beneath our devotion to you. Help us to remember that we can best serve our families, our friends, our community and our nation when we place you first in our lives, our loyalty and our love.

With that always in mind, God, I thank you for the public servants who have gathered here, for the city commissioners and the city staff members, each and every one of them. I thank you that they not only profess to love this community and nation, but demonstrate that love through service. I ask that you would bless and keep them, but most of all, I ask that you would guide them to do your will and your work in true fellowship and loving kindness.

In Jesus name, and trusting that the Holy Spirit intercedes with sighs to deep for words, I pray.