Furniture for Fire Victims

A long while back, we had some discussion about and approval of a ministry that we’ve been slow to implement. We have a lot of space here at First, and we’re convinced that God does not want us leaving it idle. Because of the twin desires to show our love of our neighbors in concrete ways and to utilize the space we have, we conceived of the idea of using some of our space to store the slightly-used, still-serviceable furniture that members and friends of the church always seem to be seeking a good home for. The idea was that we could store it and then share it with victims of the house fires that seem all too frequent in and around Coffeyville. It’s a sound idea with real possibilities, but for some reason we haven’t acted on it yet.

In yesterday’s sermon I talked about John the Baptist providing a kick in the rear to do what we already know we should be doing. Today I received a similar swift kick when Ashley Tatman mentioned that she had a friend who had just lost everything in a house fire and asked if there was anything the church could do to help. So, swift kick received, let’s get started. If you have slightly-used, still-serviceable furniture that you would like to donate, you can deposit it in Room 005 in the church basement and we’ll do our best to see that it gets to someone who needs it. One final disclaimer: we’re very serious about the slightly-used, still-serviceable aspect of this program, and the church has a large dumpster. By leaving furniture in Room 005 you’re granting us permission to throw it out if we don’t feel it’s suitable, but either way you’ll be rid of it and that may be all you’re looking for.