Wasting our Lives for Jesus

Even as the owner of multiple Apple products, I’ve been surprised by the scope of public mourning that has accompanied the death of Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple. It leads me to wonder if all the multiple funerals services I’ve been officiating are having a numbing effect.

One of the quotes that’s been showing up in tributes is:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

It’s a pithy quote that goes well with Apple’s slogan, “Think Different,” but in the context of Christian theology it is dead wrong. We are called to live someone else’s life, or to phrase it another way we are called to live for someone else. We are called to live for Christ Jesus and through living for him to live for others. No two people do that in exactly the same way and we have to figure out for ourselves how we’re going to do it, and to the extent that Job’s sentiment is interpreted that way it’s a good thing. But all too often we live end up not only living our own lives, but living only for ourselves.