General Fund Balance

As of the end of November, the general fund stood at -$4,532.92 (that is a negative number). The unaudited number at present is -$3327.57 (better, but still in the red). A few months ago, I took a look at historical trends in giving over a year’s span here at First United Methodist Church and found that although we always gained by the end of the year, when exactly we gained has varied all the way from August to December. We have cost cutting measures going into effect next year that should more than make up the difference, but I still hope, for the sake of the church’s mission, that we can end the year in the black.

To that end two reminders are in order. The first is that the project to install pews in the sanctuary is being paid for out of memorial funds and has had no impact on the general operating fund. The second is that we provide a receipt stating that tithes or offerings were received in 2010 only for giving that is received in time to be deposited in and credited to the church’s account in 2010. Your accountant may tell you differently, but we must go by what our accountant tells us. We’ll do our best to make sure any last minute gifts make it in before the deadline.