Voice of the Day: Advent

In my reading for tomorrow’s sermon, I stumbled across the best one paragraph summary of the purpose of Advent that I have ever found:

Advent has traditionally been a season of preparation. The church over the centuries has come to understand that Christians need to set aside regular times of the year to consider again the full significance of what God has done for us in Jesus Christ. The meaning and joy of Christmas will easily elude us unless we make a focused effort to dwell ahead of time on all the promises of God that have come to fulfillment in Jesus’ birth.

— John P. Burgess

This fact, that the meaning and joy of Christmas easily elude us, is one of the many reasons we’re encouraging the devotional use of Between Two Worlds by Kate Moorehead. Whether you’re reading along with us or not, I encourage you to make a focused effort to prepare your heart and mind to celebrate the birth of the messiah and anticipate his reappearance in glory.