United Metholdist

The title of this post is borrowed from Dan Dick who has an excellent post of the same title on the “graying” of America and the opportunities this presents for United Methodist Congregations. I always like it when I learn that someone else has been thinking the same way I have. I see the same potential for growth in our particular congregation that he names for the denomination at large. What I’ve been struggling with is how do we reconcile that with our BHAG (Big Holy Audacious Goal) of excellence in ministry with children.

Dan’s article prompted me to think of the opportunities for Christian service available to those who are 50+ to the children of Coffeyville. This summer’s VBS (Vacation Bible School) was an excellent example. While most churches struggle to get enough volunteers, we had a ratio of about one to one (one volunteer to one child).

I think we, as a congregation, have a great opportunity here, my hope is that we’ll be able to take advantage of it. We need not abandon our efforts to reach out to children, youth, and younger adults, but must not confine ourselves to these efforts.