New Benches in the West Lot

New benches purchased with memorial money have been installed in the west lot. They have been placed on either side of an old brick sidewalk that used to lead to the house there. Thanks to the youth for clearing off more of the sidewalk and thanks to Dave Larimore for the installation. The intent of the benches and future additions to the west lot is to enhance the last green space in the downtown area and encourage it’s use by the entire community. This past spring some CCC students would sit in the grass and eat lunch on a regular basis. The hope is that the addition of these benches and possibly a picnic table and some children’s playground equipment will encourage such activities.

As we develop the space, we’ll probably need to find something to call it other than the west lot. One suggestion I’ve heard is to call it “Memorial Park.” The follow up suggestion was to place a sign on the lot with “Memorial Park,” on the front and the names of all those saints in whose names memorial money has been given on the back. If you have other suggestions please let us know. As the name “Memorial Park,” implies, the intent is to finance the upgrades to the west lot with memorial money.