Four Sin-Dromes

Dan Dick has a good post on four common sins of congregations. The final part of the final paragraph sums up what needs to be done:

Avoid the “sin-dromes”.  Do the hard work that makes it work.  Know your context.  Know your people.  And know that the key to a truly effective, successful church is already yours — in the gifts, passions, and deep faith of your own community of faith.

A few caveats: I think Dan Dick has a lot of things to say that the church needs to hear, but I also think he is often more critical than necessary (and don’t even get me started on the reader comments). I also think he has a tendency to confuse duplicating, emulating and learning from. From my own experience, I think he is to hard on Church of the Resurrection (COR). I was initially skeptical of COR’s apparent success, but through the years I’ve come to respect what God is working through them. I don’t want  to be at COR, I want to be at Coffeyville First. I also don’t want to try and duplicate what COR does, but I do think we can learn from them and apply what we have learned to our own context and people.