Get Over Yourself; God's Here! — Updated

I’ve been wanting our congregation to share a set of common lenten devotions, but I’ve never been able to find just the right book. Now, I think I may have found the right book, though what can only be described as divine providence. The book is by Kate Moorehead and is titled Get Over Yourself; God’s Here, which is actually a pretty good alternative translation of “The kingdom of God is at hand, repent and believe the gospel.” From what I’ve read so far, Kate Moorehead is dealing with serious and weighty theological issues in a very approachable manner that combines wit, wisdom and integrity. I think the book has a lot of promise, but I would like a second, third, fourth, etc opinion. Would you be willing to take a look at some sample pages and let me know what you think at

Also the book has a picture of an ostrich on the cover and you just can’t beat that.

Update: We’ve ordered and received copies of the book which are available for a suggested donation of $12 each. We want the book to be available to everyone regardless of ability to pay so let us know if $12 is more than you can afford.