2008-2009 Project List

Below is the 2008-2009 Project List that will be part of our Church Conference booklet. We know this is an incomplete list and we’re asking for your help on other items that should be included.

From the 2008 Church Conference to the 2009 Church Conference, we …

  • partnered with the Salvation Army Community Service Volunteers to provide 650 backpacks full of school supplies (Pack their Packs)
  • distributed 25 Christmas baskets (we’re moving up to 35 this coming Christmas).
  • handed out 234 toothbrushes at Trunk-or-Treat.
  • had a very successful Vacation Bible School.
  • used yard signs to advertise Vacation Bible School.
  • helped more than 100 individuals and families through the emergency assistance fund and the food pantry.
  • continued to provide Lice kits to Coffeyville schools.
  • opened our doors to the community for VeggieTales movie events.
  • sent youth to the Round-Up for Hunger lock-in.
  • continued to provide the cities only public recycling program.
  • provided a CCC scholarship to Joshua Mendy.
  • supported Travis Walker in his seminary education.
  • replaced handicapped and loading zone signs in our parking areas and installed new signs in the city parking lot across the street (this was a youth service project).
  • sponsored dance teams through the Coffeyville Recreation Commission.
  • provided funeral dinners for numerous families.
  • enjoyed an afternoon choir concert by our own church choir.
  • installed a handicapped bathroom.
  • refinished the majority of doors (86 total, we think).
  • continued repainting.
  • installed a platform lift from the lobby to the sanctuary.
  • overhauled the landscaping by the main entrance.
  • installed energy efficient windows on the west side of the church.
  • continued the installation of more efficient florescent light bulbs.
  • dedicated new alter table, baptismal font, flower stands and pulpit.
  • refinished old pews and altar furniture and established a history room.
  • refinished woodwork in the pastor’s offices
  • Continued to volunteer outside the church walls through the Salvation Army, Blood Drives, Meals on Wheels, etc.

That’s what we have so far, please let us know of other activities we need to include at johnandjenny@revcollins.com.