Book Club Begins Tonight

greatdivorceI’m excited about the beginning of our book club on C. S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce tonight at 7 pm.

It’s my understanding that some have found the book difficult to follow, I think that is because the book is such a different genre than most of the Christian books available to us. We’ll talk about that tonight, but in the meantime you might want to download this study guide from the C. S. Lewis Foundation. I think this sentence from the study guide is particulary helpful to understanding what Lewis is attempting to do in the book:

All the conversations in The Great Divorce are aimed at unearthing the deceptions with which damned humanity defends it’s refusal of God.

I’ll have copies of the study guide available tonight.

Please note that I have a library foundation board meeting across the street at 6 pm so I’ll be getting over here just in time, but I will be here.